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Did Metro involve the PPA in developing the new radio system? If so, when did PPA become involved and how? It seems like performance testing prior to implementing a new system operationally would involve fairly intense involvement by end users and their representatives. They would need to know what to expect, and early feedback could allow corrections before full implementation.
LasVeganNov 13, 2012 09:49:23 AM
Metro voice radio system was not intended to carry data permanently, only temporarily while a proper broadband data system was acquired. Probably due to changes in economy, Metro has kept data on their voice system. Does this affect optimizing the system for voice? How can that best be determined?
LasVeganNov 13, 2012 09:46:10 AM
Metro was running out of radio capacity in the 1990's Las Vegas' growth boom. A Request for Information was released in 2000 under Sheriff Keller. The RFP that followed that was released in 2003 under Sheriff Young after outside radio system experts, including a PhD in electronic engineering, were contracted to assist procurement. Bids scored by broad team including CC CIO and personnel from other local jurisdictions and radio system.
LasVegasNov 13, 2012 09:41:55 AM
No independent expert has looked at problems with Metro system - only partisan opinions (police & vendor) are under consideration. No baseline objective performance measurements were made for old system, either. Prudent step would be getting reasonably priced expert assessment of this highly technical rather than acting on partisan, and sometimes unqualified, opinions.
LasVeganNov 13, 2012 09:37:45 AM
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