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Report Shows Support For Gay Marriage Among Latinos
Report Shows Support For Gay Marriage Among Latinos

AIR DATE: November 30, 2012

Exit poll data compiled by Pew Hispanic Center from the 2012 election shows Latinos are more supportive of gay marriage than Americans as a whole, and are also far more supportive of same-sex marriage than Latinos who don't support it.

Which Latinos are growing more supportive of gay marriage and why?



Anita Revilla, Assistant Professor In Women’s studies at University of Nevada Las Vegas

Leo Murrieta, Nevada director of Mi Familia Vota

Hergit Llenas, who is active with Human Rights Campaign

Juan Ortega, campaign worker, most recently for Shelley Berkley campaign

Jose Garcia, UNLV student


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    Your guests use terms like "patriarchy" and "homophobe." I'm a Catholic who has genuinely looked at both sides off the issue and who genuinely believe that a) homosexual activity is sinful and b), since the patriarchy thing came up, things like women can't be priests. Why do I have to submit to a tag like "homophobe," even though I'm not any more afraid of homosexuals than I am of Republicans (and I'm not one) or blondes or wool socks? Why am I "patriarchal" if I believe a woman can't be a priest, even though I believe she can be anything else? I don't use unkind terms when referring to gay people, why do people like me get these labels pasted on us so casually?
    John Nov 27, 2012 10:52:41 AM
    Latinos are a diverse group, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Though they share a common language that is basically where it stops. Argentina legalized marriage for Gay Couples, but that is because it is very socially progressive and has a literacy rate of 97%. We need to be careful when we have these discussions to make sure that we don't put all Latinos into one basket...
    Brian Paco AlvarezNov 27, 2012 05:37:50 AM
    Mike DuncanNov 26, 2012 17:16:36 PM
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