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Las Vegas City Councilmen Talk Budget
Las Vegas City Councilmen Talk Budget

AIR DATE: November 30, 2012

Las Vegas Metro wants more money for their budget. But the city and Clark County have said repeatedly that it may be impossible to find. Does that mean we need to increase taxes? City Councilmen Bob Coffin and Bob Beers will join us to answer that question.

Got a question or complaint for Las Vegas City Council? Bob Beers and Bob Coffin invite your feedback at 702-229-6405.




Bob Beers, Las Vegas City Council, Ward 2
Bob Coffin, Las Vegas City Council, Ward 3


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    Does Metro really need 7 or 8 helicopters and an airplane? Before one dime of tax increases are proposed, Metro needs to tighten the belt a little bit.
    MikeNov 29, 2012 09:32:08 AM
    I am a homeowner in Mr. Coffin's district downtown, just two blocks off of Fremont Street, in an area called Mayfair. I live a block away from where two elederly people were struck by a car two weeks ago, killing one. A MAJOR problem in my neighborhood is a lack of side walks - there are none - and a lack of street lights. There are entire blocks that are completely pitch black at night - including the block where these pedestrians were hit. I am happy about the redevelopment on Fremont East; however, I'd be happier if basic amenities, such as street lights and sidewalks, were part of my downtown neighborhood. Mr. Coffin, what can be done about this?
    LynnNov 29, 2012 09:30:34 AM
    Why is it when everybody else is forced to live with less, the Sheriff thinks it's okay to keep asking for more money. Not to mention the millions that were wasted on their radio system. Enough is enough...
    AnonymousNov 29, 2012 08:30:49 AM
    lets do our best
    nobodyNov 28, 2012 18:29:47 PM
    I'm familiar with the city budget, and I can assure all that any normal person with common sense would blanch at the stupendous amount of waste, inefficiency and bureaucracy found there. Indeed, any politician or bureaucrat who thinks they need more money is either a liar or an idiot, period. They need to get serious and *cut* their spending rather than finding new ways to impoverish the taxpayers!
    Tom HurstNov 28, 2012 12:18:54 PM
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