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Secretary Of State To Introduce New Voter ID Law
Secretary Of State To Introduce New Voter ID Law

AIR DATE: December 3, 2012

Secretary of State Ross Miller will introduce a bill in the 2013 legislature aimed at combating voter fraud. The bill would replace paper rosters at polling places with electronic rolls that feature photos of registered voters. The photos would be imported from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles existing database of pictures used for drivers licenses and state identification cards. If those photos aren't available, poll workers would take pictures on site and voters would sign an affidavit verifying they are who they say. We'll talk with Ross Miller about the proposed law.


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    I saw Mr. Miller on Ralston's show last night. What struck me was Mr. Miller's repeated statements that even though there have been exactly ZERO cases of voter fraud by impersonation, Miller believes he needs to fight "the perception" of voter fraud. I could understand spending the time and money implementing a voter ID system IF and ONLY IF documented cases of voter fraud exist in Nevada. However the millions of dollars it will take to implement this unnecessary dog and pony show could certainly be spent in better ways. I used to think Miller had a good head on his shoulders. His floating of this plan now makes me think he's taken one too many punches to the head at the gym. Stop trying to solve a problem that isn't there, Ross.
    Mike LandisNov 29, 2012 08:15:01 AM
    Lets hope it's not a bluff and we actually get the bill passed
    JamesNov 28, 2012 18:33:05 PM
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