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Can Las Vegas Be The Next Silicon Valley?
Can Las Vegas Be The Next Silicon Valley?

AIR DATE: December 6, 2012

The Tony Hsieh-backed Downtown Project wants to create a Silicon Valley atmosphere in Las Vegas through its Vegas Tech Fund. The idea is to fund startups and create a tech-connected community in downtown Las Vegas. But what will it take to succeed? We'll talk with a number of local and national experts on how to build a tech-connected community and whether the players in Las Vegas can make it happen.
Keller Rinaudo, founder, Romotive
Zach Ware, Downtown Project
Manya Susoev, freelance digital strategist
Vivek Wadhwa, columnist and academic
Thomas Knoll, founder, clippPR


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    I went to the mixer to see if I could learn more about funding my startup as well as to connect with overs in the LV tech industry. Unfortunately, after walking around and introducing myself to others there, it was not what I thought. First off, some of the people I met seemed to be trying to find out who worked at Zappos, as an attempt to get an "in" for their company. Others were contractors looking for work (which I think was great), but unfortunately, my startup is a small 3-man company and we were looking to talk to people who had information that would lead us to resources for growing our business. In all fairness, I havent returned since the first mixer, and perhaps your mileage will vary. But that is my experience.
    philDec 4, 2012 15:31:13 PM
    Phil, I would have to agree with you on the atmosphere that you are describing. I went to there simply meet people in the tech industry and all I saw was groups of people, some with headphones on buried in their laptops giving the impression that they were uninterested in talking to me. The folks that I did manage to talk to were mostly people looking for work or trying to network or generate a lead. After about 45 min of waiting around and just talking to a few people someone finally announced that they could just a group in the back room to listen to their idea / pitch if you wanted to. Unfortunately it was really hot that evening and crowded so I decided not to stick around. I really hope this grows into something amazing other then the feel of a middle school dance where everyone stuck to their group. I just didnt feel welcomed but I will defiantly give it another shot in the future.
    JessDec 4, 2012 15:47:54 PM
    Should we have a speed networking event during @VegasJelly? pick one: Yes or No
    AlexDec 6, 2012 17:10:46 PM
    Well Phil and Jess, we're having the first speed networking event this Thursday, December 20th at 7.30pm. We'll structure the event as 2 minutes per person, then the bell rings and you move on to the next person. If you have an idea you want to validate, do it during the speed networking event. Working on a new feature for your app and want to know what people think about it? Test it with a live person. Or, just stop by and you'll meet a bunch of awesome people from the community that you can connect with. So, Thursday, December 20th at 7.30pm
    AlexDec 18, 2012 15:18:05 PM
    how do I find the startup comm. I am launching solar product. Ty
    johnDec 4, 2012 10:26:01 AM
    Hey John, you're based in Las Vegas and looking to get connected to the startup community? If I understand that correctly, then I would encourage you to explore and/or come down to TheBeat Coffeehouse and Records (6th & Fremont) any Thursday night between 7pm-9pm
    ThomasKnollDec 4, 2012 10:52:20 AM
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