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Should Dogs Be Used In Bear Hunts?
Should Dogs Be Used In Bear Hunts?

AIR DATE: December 6, 2012

There's a petition about to go before the Nevada Wildlife Commission that asks to ban the use of hunting dogs when hunting bears. A similar effort succeeded in California this year. Is the use of dogs in a bear hunt inhumane?
Kathryn Bricker, executive director of


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    Genuine sport suggests two opponents, evenly matched, competing with their wits and brawn. When human hunters lack personal skills and must rely instead on crutches such as technology, dogs and scent lures to chase a bear, it is a powerful indictment of the pointlessness behind hunting wildlife. Nevada's wildlife belongs to every resident of the state, not a small group intent upon killing as much of it as they can. Hunters use up to 30 dogs to chase a bear through the wilderness. Is that a fair match up of 'sporting' opponents? Bear hounding is illegal in 14 other states. Why doesn't Nevada add its voice to enlightenment rather than perpetuating the barbaric treatment of wildlife?
    FG VoltzDec 5, 2012 21:30:17 PM
    Each year in California untold numbers of helpless young cubs are orphaned due to hounds-men killing their mothers. Thankfully, this practice has now been outlawed in CA, effective Jan, 2013. Just last week we rescued a 24# cub whose mother was killed by a hounds-man in September. She was hungry, cold, alone and afraid. As civilized humans, we cannot allow this to happen when we have the capacity to stop it.
    Ann BryantDec 5, 2012 11:53:37 AM
    When one animal is trained by man to perpetrate violence on another animal, we call this abuse, not "hunting." I have watched these videos and feel that this barbaric, cruel and unethical practice absolutely must be abolished. Mothers can smell the dogs from miles away, and will often separate from their cubs, or send them up a tree while leading the danger away. If the cubs are not in clear site, the sow is thought to be without cubs, but that is not always the case, leaving orphans as the result. I am disappointed that Nevada has allowed this hunt, on such a small population of black bears that was once protected, but now in the cross hairs, and even more disgusted that they have allowed hounds.
    KatSimmonsDec 5, 2012 09:26:02 AM
    Bricker is a liar. Montana banned hounds because of grizzlies. She obviously has no clue as to what 'fair chase' is. You can stop me and my hounds when you pry the leash out of my cold,dead hands. And society is not civilized.
    Peter MeyerDec 10, 2012 22:01:10 PM
    Hunting with hounds has no added benefit here in NV. Here we manage our bears for the hunt, not by the hunt. Hounds do not change sex kill ratios. I have seen videos of hounds being killed by bears and videos of bears, including cubs, being mauled by hounds. Please email me if you want links. This is an absolutely brutal practice--a traditional that needs to end, like so many others already have.
    Cathy SmithDec 4, 2012 22:44:33 PM
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