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Finding Feminism In Las Vegas
Finding Feminism In Las Vegas

AIR DATE: December 11, 2012

The Learning Channel's latest reality series "Sin City Rules" follows the lives of colorful characters the TV network identifies as Las Vegas power women. But who are the real power women of Las Vegas? Who's lobbying for equal pay and equal rights? And can feminism exist in a city of showgirls and pole dancers?



Lynn Comella, Women's Studies Professor, UNLV

Marlene Adrian, Activist, President, Women of Diversity Productions

Emmily Bristol, Activist, Blogger, Sin City Siren

Crystal Jackson, coauthor, The State of Sex: Tourism, Sex and Sin in the New American Heartland


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    This interview barely scratches the surface of feminist issues in Las Vegas because the interviewer will not allow the panel to discuss things in more detail. I understand there may be a time limit but the course he was on was not at all promoting their views, it was full of loaded questions or simple yes and no answers. ALSO, If this interview is mainly about the impact Las Vegas has on female children growing up, interview a female who has coped with the strip all her life.
    Olivia JaneDec 25, 2012 21:54:05 PM
    visit to view video clips of women of Nevada who have been honored for their contributions to Nevada. You will discover many feminists and a list of other feminist organizations on this site. Become a participant in selecting women to be presented to the public.
    Marlene AdrianDec 7, 2012 12:39:08 PM
    If you want to find female leaders and powerful women, change your focus to the community and away from the strip.
    Joanne GoodwinDec 7, 2012 10:17:02 AM
    Thanks for a great show. The Women's Research Institute of Nevada has quite a few powerful leaders profiled on our website WRIN is also working with Vegas PBS on a series profiling women leaders powerfully influencing their communities in Las Vegas.
    Joanne GoodwinDec 7, 2012 10:02:24 AM
    There is a lot of great Feminist leaders in Nevada
    JimDec 6, 2012 15:09:52 PM
    Yes, there are. But they are not taught to children in schools like they should be.
    ligeia willDec 6, 2012 20:03:39 PM
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