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Newtown Shooting Could Lead To Tougher Gun Laws
Newtown Shooting Could Lead To Tougher Gun Laws

AIR DATE: December 31, 2012

The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has pushed the issue of gun control to the forefront of lawmakers minds. Yesterday in a floor speech, Sen. Harry Reid said in the coming weeks, Congress will engage in "meaningful conversations" about gun regulations. Pro-gun Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia also said he thinks it time for dialogue to change about guns. But can a bill to toughen gun laws pass? Las Vegas Sun politics reporter, Karoun Demirjian joins us to talk about what potential legislation could look like and the likelihood of it passing.
Karoun Demirjina, politics reporter, Las Vegas Sun


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    What "discussion" would we be having right now across the nation if just one person inside that school was armed and trained and had stopped Adam before he could commit this horrific act? What "discussion" would we be having right now if Nancy had secured those weapons the way most law-abiding owners of assault weapons do? The answer to the first: there wouldnt be much of any discussion because crimes and killings are stopped everyday in our country by gun owners but is rarely reported in the news and the answer to the second: there wouldnt be any discussion at all because it never would have happened.
    Dan WardDec 21, 2012 13:13:44 PM
    Despite this truly tragic event, let's not in our haste forget the intent of the 2nd Amendment. It's not to protect our right to hunt, or necessarily even to allow us to defend ourselves against criminals, but was in fact intended to allow us to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government. The Founders knew well the lessons of history, which is that the natural tendency of *all* government is towards tyranny and away from liberty. So, the people should have the same weapons that the government has.
    Tim HuntDec 19, 2012 11:25:50 AM
    I agree with the above. It should also be remembered another comment from one of our founding fathers, "Those who give up a little freedom for security end up with no freedom or no security." The point is when does it stop? What is it going to take to feel safe? If you ask some it is having s gun while with others it no one having guns. I support the bill of rights and the right to own guns. The anti-gun extremist are will not be happy until no guns exist and will use every chance to wittle away from our rights.
    RichardDec 20, 2012 00:58:01 AM
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