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Mormon Women Dare To Wear Pants
Mormon Women Dare To Wear Pants

AIR DATE: January 9, 2013

There is no rule within the Mormon church that says women cannot wear pants when they go to church. But, in some places, women who show up to service in anything but a skirt or dress are sometimes looked down upon. A group of Mormon women in Utah challenged this idea by starting a Facebook page called "Wear Pants to Church Day." It's gotten a lot of response, some praising this idea as liberating, others condemning the thought. How will the Mormon Church respond?
Joanna Brookes, author The Book of Mormon Girl
Stephanie Lauritzen, creator Wear Pants to Church Day


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    I thought the interviewer was well informed and asked good questions and the guests did a good job answering them. Thank you!
    KimJan 8, 2013 12:35:25 PM
    Thank you Stephanie. You are a great role model for listening, praying and taking confidence in the divine self worth that you were taught is yours.
    DOLLY WRIGHTJan 3, 2013 23:41:02 PM
    I am not much of a Morman
    James E.Jan 3, 2013 10:47:20 AM
    I have to applaud Stephanie for her struggle for equality. I do need to clarify that a woman(morman or not) cannot even get to "heaven" without being married to a temple recommended male. If a woman is not married to a "worthy" male when she dies then she is assigned to one in her afterlife. By definition morman men are polygamists in heaven (even the nice ones ). So theologically there is an imbalance in power as spiritual beings not only human beings. The power structure in the religion is completely (white) male dominated, and women at best are given support roles. Mainstream morman women are oppressed and suppressed insubtle ways, other times in overt ways for example not being allowed any access to the finances. The cultural aspect is so sexist it governs what women wear in all ways. Family, social and economic pressures continue to support sexism, not equality. For girls it appears the sole goal is to marry a temple recommended male and start having kids. To do anythingelse results in difficulties for the girl, their families socially and economically. In a small town your finances and social well being are determined by towing the line. Good luck with your journey.
    Alex AstinJan 3, 2013 10:31:37 AM
    If you think Mormon women are oppressed because they are counseled to wear a skirt, you would flip out as a man directed to only wear a white shirt to church. Bottom line is that these are just ways to outwardly show obedience. Obedience and faith in God are a good thing in my book. If you strain at this you probably strain at a few of the 10 commandments too. This is not religious oppression. Women and finance? Women's groups have a budget like all church organizations. The big difference is that their budget is spent as opposed to most men's groups which are reallocated as the year goes on. Difference in men and women- but not necessarily a bad thing...
    JamesNJan 3, 2013 20:04:36 PM
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