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Progessive Response To State Of The State
Progessive Response To State Of The State

AIR DATE: January 11, 2013

Gov. Sandoval will deliver his state of the state address on Jan. 16, discussing issues such as the health of Nevada's finances, education and economic diversification. As an alternative to the governor's address, former state Sen. Sheila Leslie will offer a progressive state of the state speech centered around issues including more taxes on mining and rethinking the state's revenue system. We'll talk with Sheila Leslie about what she will discuss in her speech and how she thinks the state should move forward.
Sheila Leslie, former state senator


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    Was this the show I heard part of where you were asking about Barbara C and how conservative she is? I think you know that she's been the Nevada chair of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the organization that pushes state legislation agendas including stand-your-ground laws, right-to-work laws, voter ID laws, pro- NRA/pro-gun laws, anti-women's reproductive rights laws (re. birth control or choice), etc. Can't get much more right-wing. Check out
    Linda TurnerJan 7, 2013 19:38:12 PM
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