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Charter Schools: What's Going On At Quest?
Charter Schools: What's Going On At Quest?

AIR DATE: January 15, 2013

Quest Academy, a charter school in Clark County, is dealing with internal strife. The president has resigned under allegations of mismanagement. And board members are calling for the principal to return thousands in bonus money. What is going wrong at Quest? What does it tell us about the way the state handles charter schools?
Emily Richmond, public editor of the National Education Writers Association
Steve Canavero, Director State Charter School Authority


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    Elissa WahlJan 17, 2013 00:28:11 AM
    There is no such Gulen Charter School chain. This is an effort of defamation from opposition of Fethullah Gulen and his teachings. Please visit to learn more about Gulen Charter Schools Myth.
    A ParentJan 16, 2013 22:25:14 PM
    You also have a problem with money mismangement with Coral Science Academy which is part of the Gulen Charter School chain. Do your research on this and please do a story on this matter to raise awareness of what is going on in your community. pULL UP their 990 tax returns and you will see a lot of hinky stuff.
    anonygooseJan 13, 2013 19:55:05 PM
    This makes me think opening up a school makes me money
    JamesJan 10, 2013 22:10:27 PM
    I have a child who will be starting school this September. I have done hours of research trying to figure out what and where the best schools are. I have looked into Charter, Public and home school solutions. I am no closer to making a decision now than I was 2 months ago. Any resources would be greatly appreciated.
    ChristopherJan 10, 2013 10:23:54 AM
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