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Dwight Jones On State Of The District
Dwight Jones On State Of The District

AIR DATE: January 24, 2013

In his State of the State address, Gov. Brian Sandoval pledged to invest $135 million into education across the state. Plans include an expansion of full-day kindergarten and stronger education for English language learners. Meanwhile, the Clark County School District is coming up with solutions to deal with overcrowding at some of its campuses. Suggestions include more portable classrooms and returning some schools to a 12 month schedule. We'll talk with CCSD Superintendent Dwight Jones about upcoming education initiatives and solutions.



Dwight Jones, CCSD Superintendent


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This interview illustrates the essential problem with K-12 education in Nevada. The superintendant didn't even know what section of the city experiences serious overcrowding. Several times he said it was the northwest section when in reality it is the southwest section. Also he couldn't name the schools with the worst overcrowding until someone prompted him at the end of the program. He is just not aware of what's going on in the district. On top of this we have a state superintendent who thinks that class size is a myth. I doubt if he has ever taught in a k-12 environment. The people of Nevada need to get involved and demand that competent administators be brought in to run our schools. Otherwise we will remain at the bottom of the barrel in terms of educational and also economic growth.
steven leibowitzJan 19, 2013 07:27:11 AM
Congratulations Superintendent Jones! You are nailing it! Common sense solutions. His number one priority is smaller classroom sizes. He places importance on early childhood education. He says he wants further transparency into the District's spending, and wants money specifically allocated to the obvious areas of need, the classroom. Now, all I need to hear him say, "I would like to reduce the number of needles administrative positions in the District." Do this, and you will have the undying support of parents and teachers throughout the District.
Sylvia DenningJan 18, 2013 09:33:50 AM
I would like to know when the superintendent is going to address class size at the high school level. As a parent, I don't appreciate the State Superintendent saying class size doesn't matter. Please explain that to my daughter who has classes of over 40. And, from talking with other parents at different schools this happening everywhere not just in the NW part of CCSD! And, I would like a real answer not the excuse of blaming it on the teachers for wanting a livable salary!
Jenny Jan 18, 2013 08:38:44 AM
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