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The SNWA's Water Pipeline Faces Opposition
The SNWA's Water Pipeline Faces Opposition

AIR DATE: January 29, 2013

Bureau of Land Managament scientists have given the Southern Nevada Water Authority the rights to build a water pipeline, even though environmentalists are opposed to the project. What did the BLM see in their scientific research to give SNWA the go-ahead?

Penny Woods, Project Manager for BLM


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    The SNWA can't even pay its current $3.5, which, by its own documents, was primarily generated by the construction of 50 miles of pipeline between the lake 20 miles away and Las Vegas. It is grooming a fake "citizens'" committee (the IRPAC) to suggest another, bigger round of water increases. It "needs" $100 million/year more by 2015 just to keep up with its absurd, politically-motivated debt schedule. Last Spring's increase was for $90 million/year. How will it ever pay the $10 billion (minimum) cost of building this white elephant? Who will want to buy the water, which will probably COST $5000 per acre/ft. The COST of water from Lake Mead is zero yet we pay about $1200 per acre/ft to our water empire designed by the $120,000/year (average) bureaucrats running this empire for themselves. How much will we have to pay for water that costs $5000/acft? Fortunately, it is pretty safe to say that the economics dictate that pipeline will never be built. Now, the SNWA board needs to develop some backbone by doing a truly independent forensic audit of this misguided agency and bringing in a management team with experience in reconstructing broken utilities.
    Ed UehlingJan 28, 2013 10:45:49 AM
    To be honest, I'd probably be classified as an anti-environmentalist by many, but with my background in hydrogeology and ecology, I can assure you that this pipeline is a huge fiasco that will surely adversely affect all sorts of things and places. Indeed, it's a *very* bad idea, but one that will succeed because of political connections. What a sad commentary on our corrupt government.
    Tom HurstJan 25, 2013 14:29:34 PM
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