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Vegas Runs Ads To Lure Gays
Vegas Runs Ads To Lure Gays

AIR DATE: January 30, 2013

Everyone has heard about "What happens here ..." but there are other campaigns targeting specific groups. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority runs ads on Spanish-language television and it also places ads in gay publications to reassure gays and lesbians that Las Vegas is a great place for a vacation. Now, some critics are saying that the ads have gone too far in making fun of dowdy, straight couples and made Las Vegas look too comfortable for gays.
Steve Friess, author, "Gay Vegas: A Guide to the Other Side of Sin City"
Rob Dondero, Executive Vice President, R&R Partners


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    We wouldn't even be having this discussion of ads having gone "too far" if the marketing of Las Vegas was done by the private businesses that see potential profit, rather than by some government bureaucracy. Do people really think that without LVCVA there would be no ads promoting Las Vegas? I'd guess that if we shut LVCVA down tonight, that by tomorrow the casinos concerned would be spending the same amount of money - though *their* money rather than my money - as is spent now. LVCVA is just a crony capitalist handout to corporations, simply replacing money that casinos would spend anyway with my money.
    Tom HurstJan 25, 2013 14:24:26 PM
    Gay tourists want to DO things when they travel not APPEAR for straight people. Creating and advertising gay club listings would be much more effective. Porno Lesbians, like this ad, are straight people's fantasies. Allowing civil GAY WEDDINGS would increase tourism but I don't see that happening sadly.
    JackieJan 25, 2013 10:11:48 AM
    Look around the strip - lots of tourists DO look like that, dowdy! I am straight - I like the ads - we need all types of tourists here for our economy.
    Jen MJan 25, 2013 09:59:51 AM
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