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Is There A Solution To Homelessness?
Is There A Solution To Homelessness?

AIR DATE: January 31, 2013

Homeless advocates recently finished the annual homeless count in Las Vegas. Although the final figures won't be available for some time, the count determines how many federals dollars the city gets for programs to help the homeless. What is the solution to ending homelessness? We'll look at a controversial plan, not a new one, called Housing First.

Patrick Coolican, Las Vegas Sun Columnist
Ken LoBene, Director, Las Vegas Field Office, HUD
Nan Roman, President and CEO, National Alliance to End Homelessness


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    Let's not forget that the "federal" (and local) money for homelessness is actually *our* money, so we pay for this ourselves. And, by the way, most of it is consumed by bureaucrats before it ever has the chance to do any good. Finally, per Ed's insightful comment (below), it's not like it would do anything to alleviate the problem in any case, as it does not address the root cause. Indeed, I have traveled the world a bit, and via that it's clear to me that for the most part homelessness and joblessness are government-created problems.
    Tom HurstJan 28, 2013 12:43:26 PM
    I heard Patrick talk about the difficulty in obtaining a good/valid account. Could heat sensing divices such as the police/fire department have, or should have, not be helpful in determining how many bodies/individuals that there are in cars/sleeping bags etc? Were they used or could they not be borrowed? A good count is very important for obtaining federal funds apparenty.
    Wil SchroederJan 28, 2013 09:53:53 AM
    Have any of these people asked themselves why this is such a huge problem (and getting bigger) in the US, while it is relatively non-existent in most countries, including very poor countries? It is created by government by our extreme building regulations which make it virtually impossible to occupy much of the housing stock, by our prohibitionist approach to "vices" which has produced the highest rate of alcoholism and drug addiction in the world and by our fascination with putting people in jail so the do-gooders and religious fanatics can feel good about themselves. Naturally, with this mentality, the solution has to be MORE government: tens of billions for bureaucrats, more tens of billions to build $300 per sqft government housing (while private investors are buying houses for $30 per sqft), trillions to fight our beloved wars (including the drug war), additional tens of billions to take care of the addicts and mental cases that results from all of this government insanity. Why is this discussion focusing on and blaming individuals, when the cause is govt which produces all these negative effects for which it invents govt "solutions", which only create new problems, etc?
    Ed UehlingJan 28, 2013 09:49:22 AM
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