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Cops And Mental Health
Cops And Mental Health

AIR DATE: February 5, 2013

A recent murder-suicide has brought police officers' mental health to light. On January 21st, Lt. Hans Walters of Las Vegas Metro Police killed his wife and son, then killed himself. Officers have access to counselors, but do they use them enough? Is there a thin blue line of silence when it comes to dealing with mental health issues including PTSD

Sgt. Tom Harmon, Director, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Police Employees Assistance Program
Professor Maria Haberfeld, Chair of the Department of Law & Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Clark Paris, President of The Pain Behind the Badge Training, and retired police officer with Las Vegas Metro


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    I am glad this issue is being discussed publicly. Unfortunately it took a tragic event to bring it out. I deal with officers that have PTSD. Something needs to be done. We do have to balance the officers rights and come up with a regular "check up." We do an annual physical every year. With the right protections, we can set up something similar.
    John Dean HarperJan 31, 2013 09:40:24 AM
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