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The Future Of The Teachers Health Trust
The Future Of The Teachers Health Trust

AIR DATE: February 11, 2013

Recent reports have suggested that the health insurance fund for 17,000 Clark County School District teachers maybe near bankruptcy. In any case, the trust has been running down its reserves in recent years. Why has that happened? What plan does the trust have to rescue itself? Can it do it without cutting benefits and raising premiums?
Peter Alpert, CEO, Teachers Health Trust
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    How about CCSD and/or the unions just giving teachers the $600 or $700 per month per person that they now spend on providing insurance, and then let the teachers purchase their own insurance on the private market. They could easily get a similar policy from financially sound, reputable companies for far less than that outrageous amount!
    Tom HurstFeb 6, 2013 20:14:31 PM
    Will THT use its line of credit to pay bills this month or in upcoming months? How much does THT currently have in claims incurred but not paid?
    VictorFeb 6, 2013 09:21:15 AM
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