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Nevada Assembly Speaker Wants Tax Reform
Nevada Assembly Speaker Wants Tax Reform

AIR DATE: July 20, 2010

Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick says she wants to do away with the tax hikes approved by the legislature in 2009. Those taxes were scheduled to sunset but have twice been extended. While she hasn't made any concrete plans, Kirkpatrick has said  a "revenue neutral" approach that could include a services tax on things like haircuts and car repairs might be a better option. We'll talk with Marilyn Kirkpatrick about her plan for taxes in the legislature. We'll also discuss the politics of expanding taxes with Las Vegas Sun Senior Politics Editor Anjeanette Damon.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Assembly Speaker, Democrat from North Las Vegas
Anjeanette Damon, Senior Editor of Politics, Las Vegas Sun


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Please, the UMs must stop! It's becoming painful. I listened to Mrs. Kirkpatrick and I admire what she is trying to do. I just couldn't stand the umming going on. It was in almost um every um response. Um it was very I'm distracting I guess you could say. Um then to hear her title as Speaker. Um isn't that a hot mess. Um don't we learn in the poorly funded public school systems of the United States how to um try to refrain from um using that word, what was it again? Um anyway. I'm just saying, the ummage epidemic in this country needs to be addressed and given as many resources as we can through at it. Otherwise um things will continue to drag on um and talks will take forever to get to the point. Um maybe that's a big um thing slowing the progress in our country um. Um I can go on forever um. Please I beg of you screen your guests before torturing your um listeners. I know a few will slip through the cracks um. I'm asking that when they do, stand up for the English language and um the listeners of your amazing station and all shows aired within. Um thanks for taking the um time to um read this um. I know it's full of um spelling um and grammatical errors.
JoshFeb 7, 2013 10:07:33 AM
Until the Legislature is willing to tax prostitution, anything else must take a back seat.
ed uehlingFeb 7, 2013 09:04:27 AM
How about just spending less, LOTS less?? A look at Nevada's budget history shows an almost exponentially exploding budget over the last decade or two, with increases in government spending FAR exceeding inflation and population growth. Indeed, not that long ago we somehow got along on a tiny fraction per person of what we spend now. Explain that to me.
Tom HurstFeb 6, 2013 20:04:01 PM
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