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College With a Checkered Past

AIR DATE: February 18, 2013

Dixie State University just underwent a name change. But it didn't get rid of the 'Dixie' as some folks had hoped. The school has links to a Confederate past, though spotty links at best. But, it has taken many years to rid the school of all confederate images. Has it gone far enough?

Steve Johnson, Communications Director, Dixie State University


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What this story was missing was that the Confederate identity started in the 1950s and continued through 2012 (with the removal of the statue). Students were documented to dress in blackface in the 1960s through 1993. Students also performed in blackface on campus in 2012. The Confederate identity was a prominent part of the campus for about 40 years. The "Rebel" mascot continued through 2009.
SoUtahADCFeb 25, 2013 01:21:31 AM
Not so long ago a name change has happened here: the Community College of Southern Nevada became the College of Southern Nevada. Of course, same old school, so just a politically correct euphemism so that no one would be embarrassed to attend a "community college". Even worse, that name change obfuscates the mission of our community college.
Tim HuntFeb 13, 2013 13:11:14 PM
Why was the discussion regarding the naming of the new university conducted mostly in Utah rather than looking at how the name would play in other parts of the country/world? The new university is hoping to attract students & faculty nationally & internationally. There is an excellent column in today's spectrum addressing how change needs to take place.
Dorothy EngelmanFeb 12, 2013 10:00:16 AM
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