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Unions Prepare For Contract Negotiations With Strip Casinos
Unions Prepare For Contract Negotiations With Strip Casinos

AIR DATE: February 22, 2013

Labor unions on the strip are getting ready to negotiate new contracts with Las Vegas' biggest gaming companies. Contracts between the Culinary Union Local 226 and the Bartenders union and gaming companies including MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment will expire soon. The Review Journal reports the union's negotiators primary goal is to maintain wages and benefits. Review Journal Gaming Reporter Howard Stutz joins us to talk about what's at stake on both sides.


Howard Stutz, Gaming Reporter, Las Vegas Review Journal

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    You need both the management and the employees working together for a business to succeed. But if the labor can not have any job security and a decent wage and benifits everyone suffers and in the end it is bad for the economy too.
    Beryl SalterFeb 22, 2013 12:06:55 PM
    Since when did working men and women making an extra buck become a bad thing. I don't even have to leave the hotel I work at to know the difference between union and non union workers. Our non union brothers and sisters in sub leased restaurants make 6 dollars an hour less as cooks.
    RAYFeb 20, 2013 23:58:48 PM
    The fact that this discussion is even occurring highlights why unions are bad for the economy: they enrich themselves by using the coercive power of government - via FDR era pro-union laws - to force their employers to pay more than a fair market rate, thus distorting the economy. It would be a much more efficient and moral system if employers could offer jobs (or not) on whatever terms, and if employees could accept (or not) those jobs. The magic of the free market would then assure that people are paid commensurate with their skills and experience, and that is the essence of a productive economy that will enrich us all.
    Tim HuntFeb 19, 2013 14:33:33 PM
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