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Love And Food
Love And Food

AIR DATE: February 20, 2013

Why do we have so many first dates at restaurants? What does it mean when a romantic partner wants to cook for you? And why is it so important to share a romantic meal on Valentine's Day? It all goes back to the days of hunting and gathering. But nowadays, romantic meals are more likely to happen in fancy restaurants than around open fires. We'll talk to a nutritional anthropologist and several restauranteurs about the role that food plays in their relationships.


Alyssa Crittenden, Anthropology Professor, UNLV

Elizabeth Blau, co-owner, Honey Salt

Jenny Wong, co-owner, Fat Choy

Dan Coughlin, chef and owner, Le Thai

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    Over two decades ago, when we were starving college students living in awful off-campus housing, my then-sweetheart, Kevin, saved his pennies for a wonderful dinner. Back then there wasn't the plethora of dining choices we have now. So he swept me off to the Pegasus Room at Alexis Park. That night we shared a Chateau Briand. It was so astounding, after living on ramen for a year,to have such a delicately delicious dish. His kindness was such an unexpected romantic gesture on his part that I have never ordered ChateauBriand again. That food memory is reserved for him alone. Looking back I know what an incredible sacrifice it was for him to pay for that meal. I hope that one day my children will have their "ChateauBriand" moment.
    Claire RaymondFeb 14, 2013 10:41:37 AM
    One Valentine's Day I hid Metallica tickets in a Valentine's card that resembled a cereal box for my husband. It was waiting for him at breakfast time. I filled it with part hearts I painstakingly picked out from Kashi Heart to Heart cereal and hearts from Lucky Charms. He was so surprised at the cereal and the surprise in the box there was nothing I could ever do to top that present. Still to this day I can't think of anything better than this inspired gift.
    JannineFeb 14, 2013 10:20:56 AM
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