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Harsher Penalties For Pimps
Harsher Penalties For Pimps

AIR DATE: March 5, 2013

In the only state that has legalized prostitution, laws protecting those who work in the business are not out of the ordinary. Such a bill is being introduced in Carson City. It puts heavier penalties on pimps, up to twenty years, for sex trafficking, which is a more severe charge than the current penalty of pandering.

Assemblyman John Hambrick, R-Las Vegas


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    Like it or not, history tells us that prostitution is here to stay. And, personally, I can't imagine why it isn't legal across the land, let alone in Clark and Washoe counties, as making it illegal does nothing to prevent it, while at the same time driving it underground where unsavory business practices are more likely to occur. Pimping - as long as the pimpees are treated well in all ways - should be just another business that provides services that many people want. When will our self-proclaimed morality-minders in Carson City (and D.C., for that matter) learn that prohibitions of the non-fraudulent, non-violent endeavors of free people are counterproductive, immoral, and will never work (even in a hyper-police state)??
    Tom HurstFeb 19, 2013 14:23:10 PM
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