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Scaling The Stratosphere
Scaling The Stratosphere

AIR DATE: February 22, 2013

Imagine what it would be like to climb 1455 stairs. For the last four years hundreds of people have climbed the Stratosphere, all 108 floors of it, to raise money for the American Lung Association. What sort of training do you have to do in order to be ready for that kind of race?

Mike Schramm, climber 


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    I've done the Stratosphere stair climb three times, and Mike's description is pretty accurate. It's just about the most intense physical thing you can do. Just a couple of notes. There is no impact in this, so no matter how long you go, it's easy on the knees. And the tower staircase for the race is 1,372 steps to the top. I counted them and made a chart for planning purposes. It's on my web site:
    Stan SchwarzFeb 20, 2013 13:47:19 PM
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