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Fathers Face Work-life Conflict Too
Fathers Face Work-life Conflict Too

AIR DATE: February 27, 2013

The Washington Post recently reported that more fathers than mothers are now complaining about a lack of time with their children. Once it was largely mothers who struggled to be a good parent and make a career and earn a living. Now fathers are feeling the strain of 50-hour weeks and lack of time to parent their children. We talk with fathers in Southern Nevada about their complaints and how they are dealing with the conflicts of career and fatherhood.
Prof. Joan Williams, Worklife Center, UC Hastings School of Law
Rick Gordon, Attorney, Snell and Wilmer
Kurt Ouchida, Managing Partner, BRAINtrust Marketing
Shane Kaufmann, Dealer, Caesars Palace


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    As a "professional" single parent, I have been co-parenting my daughter 50% of the time for the last 11 years. The key words are prioritize and sacrifice. Prioritize parenting, and sacrifice some income, some opportunities, some materialism. As the sole bread winner in my home, I work to pay the bills, hopefully save, and have time with my daughter. My work schedule revolves completely around my parenting schedule, which can be hard. But it is worth it. Too few parents, male or female spend enough time with their kids, and doesnt our society show it? By prioritizing parenting I have the opportunity to instill healthy values, help in the classroom, assist in school activities and responsibilities, be my daughter's chauffeur 50% of the time, taking her to activities etc. I know her strengths, weaknesses and I am available to assist her 24/7. She knows this. Hopefully all of this will help her in her development, for her to have a positive influence in society for her whole life.
    Ian WhiteFeb 22, 2013 20:32:23 PM
    The answer is simple: don't have children! Indeed, those having children are supremely selfish, for 1) they are heavily subsidized by other taxpayers who have no children, and 2)each child increases the lifetime carbon footprint of the mother by about %600 (see "Reproduction and the Carbon Legacies of Individuals", in Global Environmental Change 19(1):14-20).
    Tom HurstFeb 22, 2013 16:28:54 PM
    For 5 years before my child entered school, my husband modified his schedule to work 4pm to 1:30am M-F. This sacrifice enabled us to avoid baby-sitting costs and their father-son relations is equal to none. The nickname I have for both of them is 'Tu y yo somos uno mismo' that translates into 'You and I are one being'. Nowdays our child is in Kinderganten and my husband is back to a morning schedule. We don't regret the sacrifice and I will always be grateful for the dad my child got to have.
    Amanda AmayaFeb 22, 2013 09:52:12 AM
    This comment is directed to high skilled professionals, like the attorney. Because you can not compare a low skilled worker to a high skilled worker. I have a problem with men or woman complaining about how much they have to work and are away from their families. We all have a choice in how many children we will have, the type of house and cars that we will purchase. These choices determine how you work and live your life. My husband and I have made many scarifies to live our life simply, so that we have more flexibility in our lives.
    DarbyFeb 22, 2013 09:37:12 AM
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