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Art In Las Vegas
Art In Las Vegas

AIR DATE: March 5, 2013

The Las Vegas arts scene has undergone a lot of changes since 2009, when the Las Vegas Art Museum closed its doors. Its most high-profile champion, Dave Hickey, left town with his wife, Libby Lumpkin, who ran the museum. The community's monthly art festival shut down for a while, and then changed hands. But the number of artists and art galleries has increased, and the Arts District is expanding. So we'll talk to several guests about the state of the art scene, and what Las Vegas needs to do to raise the bar.


Patrick Duffy, President, Board of Directors, Las Vegas Art Museum

Marty Walsh, Owner, Trifecta Gallery

Kristen Peterson, Arts Reporter, Las Vegas Weekly

Erik Beehn, Artist

Shannon McMackin, Owner, VAST Space Projects

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    State of the Arts in Las Vegas is better than ever, but still needs to connect and organize to reach the next level. In my 40 years of national arts experience, I believe, that Vegas should be retitled as the "CITY of ARTS & Entertainment" Its All ART! What's needed is an organized " Art of Marketing Arts " campaign, to the world. They come here, but who's reaching out to them? Reviving the luxury market is the key. When ARTV staged the first-ever Premier Awards Venue at the MGM Grand in 2005, we got little to NO local attention, support, nor appreciation for what we were about to do. No RISK-NO ART movement...Where was Dave & Libby? Had to " light up the RED ROCK mountains with an art installation, that stopped traffic for 14 miles to get press. It televised on National TV! Promoters, not critics are needed. We act, do, and take risks. Its time to move beyond the "clique". There are many resources that are not being utilized, shared, discussed? Downtown arts district is almost in position to receive and attract tourists, its "showtime"!This group simply needs to open up and attach, unite to the REAL resources here that can reach the world audience. ARTVoice/ARTPEACE!
    Audrey Roberts Creator of ARTV AWARDSApr 9, 2013 12:42:24 PM
    Great discussion though I am responding late, having just heard the recorded broadcast. As for the transformation of the Barrick and coordination with other galleries at UNLV, BRAVO! It's a bit tricky navigating thru campus for us non-students/staff, sometimes coin-parking & with limited hours of operation(also I live out northwest by Lone Mountain), but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. Danielle Kelly is an important voice, beautiful writer about art and her critiques are missed now that she's busy directing the Neon Museum. As an artist herself she has often written about the work of friends and peers, perhaps lending greater insight, and skillfully softening the blow when constructive criticism is called for. Also missed is Prof. Kirsten Swenson whose short reviews of local artists' shows in tiny galleries (some of which don't exist anymore)got published in national journals, e.g. Art in America. Joe Shoenmann in today's paper makes good points about percent-for-art. There is evidence that it benefits communities--more is spent cleaning grafitti than on public art, while art inhibits tagging, provides work to local contractors/fabricators not just artists.
    Maura ParrottMar 8, 2013 14:48:35 PM
    First thanks to KMPR for putting together this panel discussion. All panelists views were great, I think we need more of this if we want to other places start taking us seriously as an art community. I agree with the need of an art criticism in town, I believe that a piece of art should be questionable and open to criticism.
    Javier SanchezFeb 27, 2013 10:47:02 AM
    I enjoyed participating in this discussion very much, and appreciate all those who were involved. I hope to have more conversations such as this in the future. Patrick- I enjoyed your comments and hope to meet you in person at some point. Maybe even to have you stop by the studio to continue this conversation- I will be moving to Chicago to begin my MFA at SAIC this coming July.
    Erik beehnFeb 27, 2013 00:22:55 AM
    Erik, Get my number from Kristen...I'm from Chicago and would always like to be in touch. Cheers, P
    Patrick DuffyFeb 28, 2013 14:07:26 PM
    Patrick- I will talk to you soon, I would enjoy speaking further, as well as keeping in touch and talking about Chicago! Thank you Erik
    Erik BeehnMar 1, 2013 16:49:00 PM
    I was with Erik and Friends when this discussion was on. I dont admit to knowing much about art but because of Eriks experience and knowledge of art, or the art world, I am learning. I have never known anyone so excited and driven about their field as Erik is. Erik and I have had many discussions about art and where he would like to see it go in Las Vegas. Let me close buy adding Thank You Erik for these conversations and enlighting me on the subject of art. I am now a collector and a proud owner of several pieces of Erik Beehns art and have a little more knowledge about the art world in general. p.s the art world is very lucky to have an artist like Erik. Im sure he will have a huge, positive impact on the direction of the art world where ever he is in the. Good Luck Erik !
    Mike RomaMar 5, 2013 06:00:29 AM
    Thank you KNPR for the panel discussion today and the listeners, players and artists. It is very important to be having these conversations about the Las Vegas Art Scene. I know they are going on all over the valley in cocktail rooms and coffee bars as well, they are all part of the larger picture. The next step is to find a venue and do a panel discussion with Q&A from the audience . These things are not built overnight and it is evident we are going in a good direction. Thank You again KNPR for hosting and recognizing its importance to growth and sustainability in the visual arts.
    Marty WalshFeb 26, 2013 15:35:49 PM
    What an honor to be on a panel with the very people who inspire me daily and keep my motivation to push the arts in Las Vegas even further. Thank you to KNPR for covering the arts, Kristen Peterson for her eloquent and thorough coverage of Las Vegas art history, Marty for proving there can be longevity, and Eric for his rebel-rousing. Now, if we could just clone Patrick Duffy and have collectors with such passion and dedication to the local arts!
    Shannon McMackinFeb 26, 2013 14:18:52 PM
    One thing missing is a development plan for the Visual arts in Vegas, something people can get behind and work with. It's all scattered efforts and ideas. One such project is the MAKE PEACE DAY, MAKE PEACE Park PROJECT for downtown: http://www,makepeaceday.project which works locally and globally and connects the LV community at all levels with the larger world.
    Paul-Felix MontezFeb 26, 2013 13:44:16 PM
    I moved here 3 1/2 years ago, and I've witnessed the art scene grow by leaps and bounds since then. My wife and I started a blog in 2009 called The availability of the URL at the time shocked us! Three years later, it's grown beyond a personal blog and into a website with a long list of contributors. We feel like we're part of a larger community now; the fact that this topic is going out live over the airwaves is proof of that.
    David HardyFeb 26, 2013 10:59:31 AM
    Thank you so much for this note of both community encouragement and pure reality in the growth of the Art Community in Las Vegas. We need more encouragement in total, and less late night cocktail conversation that becomes the last word remembered. PCD
    Patrick DuffyFeb 26, 2013 12:35:48 PM
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