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Retailers Poll Shows Support For Taxes
Retailers Poll Shows Support For Taxes

AIR DATE: March 12, 2013

The Retailers Association of Nevada has released figures from a poll that showed some big changes in Nevadan's attitudes over the past ten years. According to the poll, a majority of Nevadans support the margins tax, support more education reform, and getting rid of the gay marriage ban. What do the new figures mean? Will that influence lawmakers decisions in Carson City?

Bryan Wachter, Director of Government Affairs, Retail Association of Nevada
Steve Sebelius, columnist Las Vegas Review Journal, Channel 8 I-Team
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    Funny that about 60% favor the margins tax, but in another part of the same report about 60% think that "changes to Nevada's tax system should NOT include any tax increases because people and businesses cannot afford increased taxes...". Such a ridiculous, paradoxical disparity in a poll shows that people are not rational and do not think things through. And the fact that darned few understand even basic economics doesn't help. Personally, I view *all* opinion polls as b.s. - and I don't mean Bachelor of Science ;-)
    Tom HurstFeb 27, 2013 20:17:37 PM
    People only favor the margins tax because they are selfish (i.e. they want more goodies for themselves, paid for by others) or because they don't understand economics. With a typical business profit of 3% to perhaps 10% of their gross, a 2% "margins tax" on their gross actually works out to a tax on profits of 75% to 20% (based on my two profit numbers above). And Econ101 tells one that, no matter what they "believe", such a tax *will* increase cause price increases and *will* reduce the competitiveness of businesses; and some on the edge *will* go out of business. These statements are facts, not sentiment.
    Tom HurstFeb 27, 2013 20:11:07 PM
    Sorry... had some editing going on while commenting - I meant to say 66%, not 75%.
    Tom HurstFeb 27, 2013 20:40:58 PM
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