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Congressman Joe Heck On The Sequester
Congressman Joe Heck On The Sequester

AIR DATE: March 6, 2013

Since Friday's sequester seems inevitable, we talk to Nevada Congressman Joe Heck, R-Nev. about his legislation to prioritize spending cuts, rather than reducing spending across-the-board. We ask whether Congress should be surrendering control over spending to the executive branch, and we also talk about the chances for compromise over additional revenue.
Congressman Joe Heck, R-Nev.
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    I will refrain from expressing anything less than civil about this interview with Joe Heck. At the same time, being a constituent in CD 3 I am at a loss for points I could make in favor of Mr. Hecks performance in office or in this interview. I heard here Mr. Heck talk about what he is willing to talk about, but I found his responses in the interview to be lacking in substance or points of potential resolution. When a person will not state clearly what he or she will vote for there is no clear picture of what they will do. A business can print money, a business cannot; therefore his pontification on this point was no more than word salad. "Social Safety Net" is the new catch-phrase for "Entitlements. Social Security is and Medicare are not either of these, they are both Industrial Dividends we paid for. "Gun Grab": There is no such thing. Joe Heck would be at wits end in an attempt to bring forth even one bill promoting confiscation of any gun already owned. The end of the Bush Tax Cuts was not a case of the Republicans agreeing to a tax increase, it was the legislated end to temporary cuts, the Republicans did not vote to raise taxes.
    Robert PlumleeMar 3, 2013 16:27:41 PM
    [This comment has been deleted for reasons of civility.]
    Tim BaldersonMar 1, 2013 09:21:07 AM
    Okay, I deserved that, but it doesn't change the accuracy of the comment : ) Being a dollar a day subscriber has its benefits, but being uncivil to guests isn't one of them.
    Tim BaldersonMar 1, 2013 09:43:35 AM
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