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Resorts World Las Vegas To Emerge At Former Echelon Site
Resorts World Las Vegas To Emerge At Former Echelon Site

AIR DATE: March 8, 2013

For years Las Vegans have wondered whether anything would ever become of Boyd's unfinished Echelon project. Now we have the answer: The Genting Group has bought the 87 acres for $350 million and will create Resorts World Las Vegas. What will this new resort look like? And how long will it take to finish?
Paul Steelman, Architect, Resort Worlds Las Vegas
Rick Velotta, Reporter, Vegas Inc.

Paul Steelman, Architect, Resorts World Las Vegas: "The company is a firm believer that any architecture in Las Vegas must take you on an architectural journey. A journey to a place you’ve never been -  and we want to deliver guests to that place."

"We started this as a themed project on a journey to somewhere, and of course that journey is to Asia and to China. But, be that as it may, a gigantic resort the size that we build here in Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily look good if you do a set of faux finishes – which is not what the owner wanted, by the way. So our journey takes us to old China, to historic China, to 500-year-old China, but you pass through a gate to modern China, and that’s what the curved glass buildings are about."


"We all know that Asian clientele is increasing, the visitation here in Las Vegas, and we all know Asian visits to the United States on the whole are up. And we also know that as China and Asia are becoming richer and richer countries, more people are getting passports, more people want to see the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco and of course, Las Vegas is on that stop.  And this resort will cater to everyone and yet it will have a distinctly Asian flair."


"I really think the announcement today will show the seriousness of a foreign operator, the largest foreign operator, coming here, and the confidence that he has shown by investing this large amount of money and committing to building this building. You’re going to see a change in confidence. And you will see the next cycle of great casino design, great new buildings, and renovations and expansions."


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    As A long-time ( 38-40 yrs. ) visitor to Vegas I would welcome this whole-heartedly . We have seen so many venues torn-down or re-furbished that we began to wonder if Vegas was stagnating into only ultra-modern buildings and the old Vegas was fast disappearing into monoliths of today. By all means....bring it on.
    \brian WilsonApr 22, 2013 13:38:38 PM
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