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GOP Supports Higher Mining Taxes In Nevada
GOP Supports Higher Mining Taxes In Nevada

AIR DATE: March 14, 2013

Nevada Republicans announced this week they want to raise taxes on the mining industry instead of advancing a proposal to tax businesses in Nevada. GOP leaders said they want Democrats to join them in passing Senate Joint Resolution 15, which would eliminate protections on mining taxes and move forward with reforms on how much the state can tax one of its richest industries. We'll discuss what the party is proposing and the effects it will have. 


Jon Ralson, Host, Ralston Reports

Steve Sebelius, Columnist, Las Vegas Review Journal

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    I'd suggest that anyone - Republican, Democrat or otherwise - who supports increasing taxes on the mining industry in Nevada does not fully and properly understand the economics of the industry, for higher taxes there would be a huge burden that *would* cost us lots of high-paying mining jobs in the rural areas. More likely, our politicians simply cannot stop their outrageous and excessive spending, and need ever more money to satiate their addiction to buying votes. It's sad that even the supposedly fiscally conservative Republicans are supporting increasing mining taxes, for it shows a great lack of integrity and economic understanding!
    Tom HurstMar 6, 2013 14:11:52 PM
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