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GOP Lawmaker Says Not So Fast On Mining Taxes
GOP Lawmaker Says Not So Fast On Mining Taxes

AIR DATE: March 14, 2013

When GOP lawmakers this week announced they would push for higher taxes on mining,  Republican Pete Goicoechea said he wasn't happy. Goicoechea's district includes many of Nevada's mining communities. We'll talk with Goicoechea about why he is opposed to his fellow Republican's plans for higher taxes on the mining industry. 


Nevada Sen. Pete Goicoechea

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    The senator is doing nothing bot spouting GOP talking points. He sounds like Mitt
    roy sparksMar 8, 2013 09:36:37 AM
    The mining industry, much of which is owned by foreign corporations, has not had their tax rate raised since the inception of our state almost 150 years ago because those businessmen were smart enough to write the rate into our Constitution. Its time their tax rate was raised so they can contribute their fair share. They separated themselves 150 years ago. Time to bring them equal to other taxpayers.
    Jim in HendersonMar 8, 2013 09:07:28 AM
    I'd suggest that anyone - Republican, Democrat or otherwise - who supports increasing taxes on the mining industry in Nevada does not fully and properly understand the economics of the industry, for higher taxes there would be a huge burden that *would* cost us lots of high-paying mining jobs in the rural areas. More likely, our politicians simply cannot stop their outrageous and excessive spending, and need ever more money to satiate their addiction to buying votes. It's sad that even the supposedly fiscally conservative Republicans are supporting increasing mining taxes, for it shows a great lack of integrity and economic understanding!
    Tom HurstMar 7, 2013 22:14:06 PM
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