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GOP Asks President Obama to Reject XpressWest

AIR DATE: March 20, 2013

Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin and Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama recenlty penned a letter to the Obama administration asking them to reject a $5.5 billion loan application for the proposed XpressWest high speed rail project. XpressWest is a proposed high-speed train that would run from Las Vegas to Victorville, California. Could those lawmakers kill XpressWest? We discuss the latest on XpressWest and whether GOP opposition could stop the project.


Rick Velotta, Reporter, Las Vegas Sun and Vegas Inc. 

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    If a private company wants to go the private equity market and try to raise $5.5 billion, let them. Of course, they will NOT get it because the XpressWest is not viable economically. Oh, is that why taxpayers should instead loan them the money, so that a private business can go bankrupt and leave us with nothing after paying themselves fat salaries and such?? Really, Econ101 tells us that if there were a need for XpressWest and if it were economically viable, it would *already exist* courtesy of the free market.
    Tom HurstMar 13, 2013 19:40:26 PM
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