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The Debate Over Taxing The Nevada Mining Industry
The Debate Over Taxing The Nevada Mining Industry

AIR DATE: March 22, 2013

Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson caught a lot of people off guard when he recently proposed changing the state constitution in order to tax mining even more. It's his effort to suplant the 2-percent margins tax being promoted by teacher's unions. The mining industry says this effort is simply an effort to inflict pain on them. Would taxing mining help fund education?

Michael Roberson, Senate Minority Leader, Republican
Tim Crowley, President, NV Mining Association


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    Can't believe the stones of this mining representative. Mining interests bullied and strong-armed their way into the Nevada constitution, and now he is portraying this situation as being picked on by the state. Fool me once... "We are Nevada businesses"??? Really, no one challenges this? the big boys are not even American - right?
    Richard SmallMar 19, 2013 09:23:19 AM
    There have been many studies of the tax structure in Nevada. Is the main conclusion of those studies that the mining tax rate is too low?
    DavidMar 19, 2013 09:12:50 AM
    Anyone who thinks the mining industry is somehow not paying their "fair share" and is ripping off Nevada needs to take a serious look at the economics of the situation, for the miners are no more profitable than any other industry. Indeed, if they are pressed to pay taxes beyond where they are now, high-paying mining jobs (and far more dependent jobs) *will* be lost as mines close. As for funding education, I would again suggest that anyone thinking more funding is necessary should have a look at the actual budgets of CCSD, NSHE, etc.; anyone with even a bit of common sense could easily *cut* the budgets of both the K-12 and higher education by 30% or so and still get the job done. Yes, those bureaucracies really are that wasteful!!!
    Tom HurstMar 18, 2013 13:26:47 PM
    A business should neither be specifically protected nor burdened under the Nevada Constitution. A tax is always touted as the critical element that causes businesses to fail. Businesses, including mining, typically fail because of a poor business plan, poor execution, market forces, mismanagement, inflexibility, or when resources run out. Every Nevada business enjoys the protections of Nevada law, and as such, should pay its fair share. Discussion on how the taxes will be spent must follow, but is not a part of this. A vote whether to change the Constitution re mining taxes is needed.
    Kirk KaplanMar 19, 2013 16:11:30 PM
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