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Is Nevada Ready To Legalize Marijuana?
Is Nevada Ready To Legalize Marijuana?

AIR DATE: March 28, 2013

Medical marijuana is legal in Nevada, but it's almost impossible to obtain. A new bill from Assemblyman Joe Hogan would change that -- and go further. His bill would decriminalize the possession of an ounce of pot, for either medical or recreational use. And it would tax and regulate the substance.

Washington State and Colorado have already legalized marijuana, but it remains illegal under federal law.



Joe Hogan, Assemblyman

Mason Tvert, Executive Director, Safer Choice

Roger Morgan, Board Member, Citizens Against Legalization of Marijuana


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    Cannabis should absolutely be legalized. The argument to keep it illegal hinges on old sudo-science and bias. The fact is that most of the associated social problems surrounding this drug arise from the illegal black market which would be destroyed by legalization. One group in particular wants to keep it illegal and it should tell you a lot about their motives. The group I'm referring to is privatized corporate prisons. The more prisoners the better their bottom line. I personally find it unbelievable that we would allow a private corporation to run a prison to begin with; but nonetheless they sponsor judges during election season who have high incarceration rates, which just shows how dirty and corrupt the system is. We should end this corruption and allow responsible adults to act responsibly. Should we make steak illegal because a baby can't chew it?
    DanielMar 21, 2013 10:21:19 AM
    In my opinion, whether to legalize or not has nothing to do with the safety of marijuana, which has been proven through studies to be safe & medically efficacious. It is predicated upon the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries' need to keep competition out of the equation. Just as UPS and FED-EX is working to shut down our US Post Office for their own economic benefit. It's another example of the corporate greed that has taken over our once great country.
    Elizabeth I. BirdMar 21, 2013 09:41:53 AM
    The thought that minors will have less access to marijuana if it is regulated is, I believe, mistaken. Alcohol is an example, minors get alcohol from their parents! How can we expect marijuana to be any different. On another note marijuana will undoubtedly get more potent I would like to know what effect that will have.
    Joshua Horlacher (whore-locker)Mar 21, 2013 09:29:15 AM
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