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Traffic Court For Extra Bad Drivers
Traffic Court For Extra Bad Drivers

AIR DATE: March 29, 2013

The city of Las Vegas has instituted a new court for chronic traffic offenders. Judge Heidi Almase heads the new Serious Traffic Offender Program (STOP) court, which is designed to catch and prevent repeat offenses. So what can the new court do? Will it be the end of pleading moving violations and endless appearances at traffic school?
Judge Heidi Almase, Las Vegas Municipal Court
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    As I was returning from my power ball run with my fiancé yesterday on the 215 headed north, an older gentlemen merging onto the 215 at lake Meade without using turn signals, almost hit my car in the far left lane because he wasn't looking, I honked and narrowly avoided a collision. I did not expect what happened next. The older man used the emergency lane to get along side me an attempt to push my car into another vehicle in the center lane, I evaded and slowed down, the older man got in front of me an broke to 40 mph on the 215 (65) trying to cause an accident again, I called NHP Emergency, reported the vehicle and license plate direction, etc. my fiancé took a picture of the vehicle. Talked to a Sargent at NHP - he describe it as assault with a motor vehicle. I am going down to the NHP Command Center to file a report, even with my photographic evidence, which I do not take random photographs of cars and call NHP at the same time, I do not believe anything will be done about this mentally disturbed motorist
    Raul PadronMar 22, 2013 09:58:03 AM
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