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Facebook: 'Like' After Death
Facebook: 'Like' After Death

AIR DATE: April 2, 2013

Did you ever wonder about what happens after death? The fate of the soul may be a mystery, but the fate of your Facebook profile could be in the hands of the Nevada legislature. Sen. Barbara Cegavske proposed legislation that would give next-of-kin the right to manage social media after death. Will the law help people manage the legacies of lost loved ones, or open a Pandora's box of unwanted information?


Jed Brubaker, Ph.D. candidate in Informatics, University of California, Irvine

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    WHY on earth is our legislature allowing a ridiculous bill like this to even be introduced during this session! Is the author of the bill trying to find out "private" information about a supposed loved one who has died?
    Rosemary DenisMar 22, 2013 09:34:04 AM
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