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Does Southern Nevada Need A New Medical School?
Does Southern Nevada Need A New Medical School?

AIR DATE: April 4, 2013

Las Vegas has been trying to create an academic medical center, leveraging the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center in order to expand medical specialties available in Southern Nevada. Now University Regent Mark Doubrava is arguing that Southern Nevada needs its own medical school separate from the University of Nevada Medical School that now operates here for clinical studies. So does Southern Nevada really need a new medical school?

Dr. Mark Doubrava, University Regent
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    I really wonder if we "need" a new medical school at all, for if that were so there would be private schools serving that need without tax subsidies. Remember, we were all suckered into the lie that there was a severe shortage of both lawyers and dentists, so created schools here, yet then and now both of those disciplines advertise so heavily that it's quite obvious that rather than being overwhelmed by demand, they are actually starving for business. And even if one believes in state-subsidized education (which benefits only those getting educated at the expense of those paying for the education), why create a new medical school in the south when there is a perfectly good one in the north that could be easily (and probably much more cheaply) expanded?
    Tim HuntMar 25, 2013 20:00:04 PM
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