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Nevada Rurals Lacking Defense Lawyers
Nevada Rurals Lacking Defense Lawyers

AIR DATE: April 3, 2013

There may be hundreds, if not thousands, of Nevadans in jail, waiting for an opportunity to talk with a defense attorney. A new study called Reclaiming Justice, commissioned by the Nevada Supreme Court’s Indigent Defense Commission, shows that many rural counties in the state don't have enough opportunities for indigents to receive their constitutional right to legal defense. But one state justice is asking for a change.
Michael Cherry, Nevada Supreme Court Justice
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    How about this? Through state licensing and such, lawyers are thoroughly protected from competition, and is thus a pseudo-monopoly business that allows them to charge huge fees rather than the $50-100 per hour that I estimate they would otherwise earn in a truly free market without the privilege of state protection. Perhaps all lawyers should in essence *pay* for their state-sponsored benefit of lifetime high wages by being required, as a condition of being licensed, to donate a certain number of hours representing rural criminals?
    Tom HurstMar 28, 2013 14:21:08 PM
    Could you please post the county with alleged 2,000 cases for one public defender. I know the Senator preferred not to name the county, however I believe that since this is public record, we are entitled to know... Thx.
    RalphMar 27, 2013 09:49:46 AM
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