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Will A New Law End Taxi Long-Hauling?
Will A New Law End Taxi Long-Hauling?

AIR DATE: April 5, 2013

Tourists complain that they get overcharged by their cab driver when visiting Las Vegas. Some drivers claim long-hauling happens due to pressure from their employers. There is an effort to use technology to deal with the problem. But, there's a move to pass a bill that would create flat rates for rides from the airport to the strip. The cab companies don't like the plan. Is the law the best way to handle long-hauling?



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I work for Ycs this is day 27 of strike.i been driving for 12 years I do not long haul. I am called in the office of mike at Ycs who has not drove for 12 plus years but how tells my friends and I how to book.we need to stop this please stay out of Ycs cabs
Larry milesMar 29, 2013 14:59:43 PM
Same here Larry ... solidarity my brother.
Bob SmithApr 2, 2013 01:56:09 AM
When I used to take a cab from the airport to a strip hotel as recently as the late 90's and possibly even more recently than that, there were flat rate prices for trips from the airport to strip hotels posted on the side of every taxi. The price for this trip was $3 and change. The price went up to $20 or slightly under a number of years ago. This represents a 700% increase in less than 10 years. I have never heard a discussion about how the cab companies were able to pull off this massive increase. Admittedly, the $3-$4 fare was incredibly low, but the cab companies still apparently made a profit or they wouldn't have stayed in business all those years. Cab fares seemed to rise at the same time as hotel/casino prices rose rapidly. But the strip resorts raised prices on lodging, food, and entertainment as those services stopped being offerred as loss leaders to entice gamblers. Taxis just raised fares on their only service that had never been subsidized by anything else.
Tom WestcoatMar 29, 2013 12:35:53 PM
Really? Your two guests are an assemlblyman and Mark James? Mark James is the CEO of the largest cab company in Las Vegas - he is also the person who has created and is pushing the use of the new "technology", so he can make a lot of money off of it. He forces his own drivers to long-haul and in the "contract" he has for his drivers - he offers pay incentives to his drivers for bringing in more "book". Why not have a guest from another company or better yet, the drivers union from the company on strike (Yellow, Checker, Star)? The companies are the ones forcing the drivers to long-haul. The drivers of Yellow, Checker & Star who are on strike refuse to do it.
Bob SmithMar 28, 2013 23:30:07 PM
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