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What's On Your Mind?
What's On Your Mind?

AIR DATE: April 10, 2013

The Nevada Assembly has ousted one of its members for the first time in history. How fair was the process, and who might be appointed to replace him? Nevada has local government elections on Tuesday, but does anyone care? And is it only a matter of time, as Bill O'Reilly concedes, before the proponents of same-sex marriage triumph? Let us know what's on your mind.


Richard Cherchio, community activist and former North Las Vegas Councilman
Sherm  Frederick, columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal
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    The issue is simple: Education has become too politicized. It is no longer okay for ANY student to be "left behind," and that's just not realistic. At many schools here, illiterate children, destitute children, abused children, learning-disabled children, and children who don't speak English whatsoever are now being combined with smart kids who like to learn. And they are all expected to learn at the same level. Only special interest groups, and therefore politicians, would think that's a sustainable premise.
    JRApr 1, 2013 20:56:52 PM
    Too late to join the discussion about the Superintendent of Schools, but..... Why are only men on the air for this discussion? Why have we never heard of a woman being considered for this position, which has had constant turnover? Aren't most teachers women? One caller suggested a woman - Carolyn Goodman. Well, she is otherwise occupied. I can't believe there are no women qualified for this position. Maybe we should consider joining the 21ar century!
    BarbaraApr 1, 2013 14:21:47 PM
    U talk about why the expultion was in secret vthey are all worried about kicking out a black assemblyman and being called racist. If this was a white guy he would have already been gone
    TysonApr 1, 2013 09:45:11 AM
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