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Is Vegas Ready For Car-Sharing?
Is Vegas Ready For Car-Sharing?

AIR DATE: April 16, 2013

Downtown Project Las Vegas has purchased 100 slick-lookingTeslas in order to build a ride-share program that will include access to bikes, chauffers and shared shuttle bus stops.

We’ll talk about the advantages to car sharing and whether these programs have succeeded across the country.



Susan Shaheen, Director, Innovative Mobility Research, UC Berkeley

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    I'd guess that somehow there is lots of government (taxpayer) money involved in this politically-correct boondoggle; if not, more power to them. In any case, the sharing of cars will almost certainly end up in a classic tragedy of the commons situation wherein everyone abuses the cars because no one really owns them. So, they will become like buses: dirty, inconvenient, ill-maintained, expensive, etc.
    Tom HurstApr 9, 2013 16:23:39 PM
    Awesome! Where do I sign up? I live downtown, and next year I will be attending law school at UNLV.
    Jessica BrownApr 9, 2013 12:53:58 PM
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