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CCSD To Hire More Teach For America Educators
CCSD To Hire More Teach For America Educators

AIR DATE: April 25, 2013

In a unanimous decision last week, the Clark County school board voted to hire 150 new Teach For America educators for the 2013-2014 school year, a greater number of TFA teachers than the district has hired in years past. Can these educators help fix some of the district's ailing problems? Or, as critics suggest, is their short tenure and lack of teacher training more of a band aid than a cure?

Staci Vesneske, Chief Human Resources Officer for CCSD


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    Julian Vasquez HeiligApr 22, 2013 16:18:49 PM
    The best thing CCSD could do when hiring these new teachers would be to hire people with degrees in actual academic fields rather than various "degrees" in education, i.e. a bachelors in English should be required to teach English, a bachelors in Chemistry to teach chemistry, etc. The past 50 years of focusing almost entirely on touchy-feely, politically correct educational pedagogy as promoted by colleges of education (long considered the academic slums of every college campus in the nation) rather than on providing serious content and maintaining high academic standards are without doubt the main reason for our lackluster educational outcomes. Race, income, native language, etc., in my opinion, have nothing to do with whether students succeed or not.
    Tom HurstApr 17, 2013 13:33:38 PM
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