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Did the Sierra Club Help Get Coal Out Of Nevada?
Did the Sierra Club Help Get Coal Out Of Nevada?

AIR DATE: May 2, 2013

When NV Energy released a plan to move away from coal, and use more natural gas and renewable energy, they said they were bowing to the economic and regulatory pressure. But at least one envrionmental group, the Sierra Club, has put pressure on NV Energy to close its coal plants. Is that why the utility changed its mind about coal? And does the Sierra Club approve of the new plan?


Allison Chin, President, Sierra Club

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    Watch the young Mr. Ozzie Zehler at the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society at the University of California, Berkeley (March 2012). His talk is "Solar Cells and Other Fairy Tales: Symbols and Expectations for a Clean Energy Future. Facts about alternate fuel production NO ONE is telling you, and we have an obligation to know these things for the health of our citizenry.
    JanieApr 29, 2013 10:41:00 AM
    Part 2  China usually runs two of these units together for 2000MW of output, far in excess of what you can get from nuclear. China is reporting that their new USC generators will achieve 1500MW each. By way of comparison, a wind farm of 1000MW, with 320 towers, gives you 16% of the power of a USC unit and cannot be guaranteed to power the casinos and Strip 24/7. Read about it here:
    JanieApr 29, 2013 10:23:05 AM
    Furthermore, 320 wind turbines require 2.5 kilograms of rare earths each. Thats 800 kilos, or 1764 pounds. The disastrous pollution created by rare earth production is unknown here. Few know of the toxic radioactive waste produced. They just want their little patch of ground around them to be green. Take a look:
    JanieApr 29, 2013 10:32:38 AM
    They use rare earths? What are you talking about? Do you consider mostly concrete and steel (with a few carbon-fibre plastics) to be rare earth? Coal and oil have already lost the fight for powering our future so you can stop spreading disinformation Janie. Thank you :)
    DavidApr 29, 2013 15:47:32 PM
    Part 1 Allison Chin is mouthing platitudes that can no longer pass for an intelligent understanding of alternative fuels. KNPR should be more assiduous in challenging these categorical and symbolic assertions because the general population doesnt know the difference. Germany is one of the most environmentally-conscious and aware countries in the world, and it has decided, in the last 18 months, to bring 20 new coal plants online by 2020, completely reversing its national decision at the start of the century. Why? Because of the energy power and environmental advances provided by the new 1,000-MW Ultra-Supercritical Coal (USC) Fire Power units. China led the way in designing this technology. Its Shanghai Waigaoqiao III USC Power Plant (2009) has achieved 15-17% reductions in CO2 emissions, far above anything requested in the Kyoto Protocol. These coal plants require 15% less coal. They do not require water to boil to produce steam (extraordinary), which means less water and they can recycle it.
    JanieApr 29, 2013 10:21:37 AM
    Whether yea or nay as to whether the Sierra Club had influence here, I would say more broadly that it is a very sad day when special interest lobbies essentially control the daily lives in the "Land of the Free".
    Tom HurstApr 26, 2013 16:44:24 PM
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