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Jim Rogers Says Clark County School Board Is 'Incompetent'
Jim Rogers Says Clark County School Board Is 'Incompetent'

AIR DATE: April 22, 2013

Jim Rogers, owner of KSNV, former Chancellor of Nevada Board of Regents

BY MARIE ANDRUSEWICZ -- As Clark County Schools seek candidates to replace Superintendent Dwight Jones, a former Chancellor of the Nevada Board of Regents says the district has a bigger problem: An incompetent school board.

“They’re nice people,” says Jim Rogers. “They mean well, but they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Rogers, who is the owner of Las Vegas’ NBC affiliate KSNV, says the Clark County School Board is the most important governing board in the state, and until that system is changed, it doesn’t really matter who is picked as superintendent.

He even goes so far as to suggest that one of the reasons Jones’ left was because of school board incompetence.

“I’m guessing that he was frustrated by a board that couldn’t understand what he was trying to do.”

So if he could pick his dream team, who would Rogers want to lead CCSD?

“I tell you where I’d start. No one is more interested in education in southern Nevada than Elaine Wynn. She’d become my number one appointee.”

And then things get cozy pretty quickly. His second choice is his son.

“Perry Rogers has been involved in education across the country forever. He’s smarter than I am, he’s more creative than I am, and he gets jobs done,” says Rogers.

Other names on his list include Pat Mulroy, Patti Hart, Bill Martin, and Janie Greenspun.

In an interview with State of Nevada, CCSD board president Carolyn Edwards defended the qualifications of the board.

“The reality is we have exceptional people on this board,” says Edwards. “I graduated with a masters degree, valedictorian of my class ... we have a lawyer on the board, we have people who are highly educated.”







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    Yes, the school board is 100% incompetent. But, on the other hand, Rogers is a vastly overrated ego-maniac trying to act like some sort of straight-talking man of the people. To wit, many of the people on the list of geniuses that he proposed should be on the school board certainly raised my eyebrows, and not in a good way. Indeed, I think many people in the know would find his list very UNimpressive. So, he's right in that CCSD is (and has been for a long time) crap and produces crappy graduates, but he doesn't have a clue that it can never improve as long as it continues to spend far too much money and maintains its far too large entrenched bureaucracy. What really needs to be done is to oust the educrats and get a fresh start with a few efficient managers in there to whip things into shape. And that, in my opinion, is not such a hard thing to do; it's just that government is wholly incapable of doing it.
    Tim HuntApr 22, 2013 21:05:22 PM
    This is the first time I've EVER heard such frank, honest, realistic discussions about what needs to happen in education. I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to hear somebody have the guts to speak out about what what is wrong with a major component of our education system. I tire of the people who spout all the wonderful things happening in the system without also being honest about what's not working, because there is more not working than is!
    KimApr 23, 2013 20:07:11 PM
    So dissapointed that you did not plan an special for EARTH DAY today . If any place needs to focus on EARTH DAY it is LAS VEGAS.... I am currently traveling through out the west and midwest and can see the contrast between our beloved Las Vegas and many cities through out our country ... to name two Gilroy Ca and Mason City Iowa .... both are small towns with almost NO LITTER . I think that the elephant in the room conserning businesses relocating to Las Vegas is not just our k-12 education system but the way the city handles vandals and litter.. Why don't we have public gardens in many of the public ugly brown places ? Why is it that the great public transportation stations are alowed to be vandalized so often ? I also was hopeing that you would present a segment on recycleing today ... anyway HAPPY EARTH DAY LAS VEGAS .
    Maria E HuffApr 22, 2013 05:01:53 AM
    The prime qualification would be to hire an anti-bureaucrat with no experience with or love of education colleges, for the "leadership" we've had in the past has been, frankly, part of the problem. Firing (and *not* replacing), say, 90% of those who do not actually teach would be a good start, along with having some actual high academic standards (rather than the mere *appearance* of academic standards as promoted by the CCSD public relations department).
    Tom HurstApr 21, 2013 11:45:24 AM
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