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LIVE: NPR Coverage Of Boston Manhunt
LIVE: NPR Coverage Of Boston Manhunt

AIR DATE: April 29, 2013

The scene in suburban Boston early Friday was chaotic. Police were going house to house in Watertown as they searched for "suspect No. 2" in the bombings. "Suspect No. 1," known as "black hat," was said to be dead. Authorities told NPR and other news outlets the suspects were brothers from Chechnya. Read the latest news.

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    NPR's coverage of these events have been less then desirable. BIG F! no critical thinking, no obvious questions of the "official" story. You repeat the official story, exactly what the mainstream does. What happened to PBS? I used to think that you guys were here to make us better, get people thinking. You are going the way of terrestrial radio. Trying to only be popular. You went from science club to head cheerleader in the last 25 years.
    FknJonasApr 21, 2013 10:24:25 AM
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