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'Sister Wives' And Life As A Polygamist In Las Vegas
'Sister Wives' And Life As A Polygamist In Las Vegas

AIR DATE: April 24, 2013


Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown


BY MARIE ANDRUSEWICZ -- OK, so it’s not a lifestyle for everyone.  But TLC reality show subject Kody Brown and his four wives, known as “Sister Wives” have found a judgment-free home in Las Vegas.

“We feel like in Vegas we’re free to be who we are, and not worry about social repercussions,” says Brown.

As viewers of the cable program know, Brown and his spouses are members of a fundamentalist sect of Latter Day Saints that permits the husband to take more than one wife.

But, says wife Janelle, “Our faith is about more than plural marriage – our faith is not plural marriage – it is a tenant of our faith, but we embrace the traditional LDS doctrine.”

Although Meri has been fired from a job since going public with her polygamist lifestyle, and Kody has also been singled out at work because of his faith, he says he sees benefits in the unorthodox structure of his family beyond adherence to religious law.

“It comes from a religious background, but on a social or biological level I would have wanted to adopt this anyway, because I’ve got a great family as a result of this choice," says Brown. "In retrospect, it’s provided us with a lot of quality in our lives, and a lot of relationship and personal development. So I feel blessed by it. But it’s not for everybody by any means.”


*Correction from original version of this article that said there are five wives.




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    When reaching middle age, males in general want younger partners. In other faiths that practice multi wives, that's when the harmony, true or put up with, ceases and hurt feelings to say the least, arise. Will be interesting to see how this young American culture handles that. Another, personally very worrisome issue in these communities is the removal (practice of) surplus males when they become rivals.
    Theresia ForgeyMay 1, 2013 14:10:10 PM
    Kody has 4 wives not 5
    Sister Wives fanApr 24, 2013 17:54:33 PM
    Why is it that Meri and Kody both got fired from their jobs, but Janelle did not?
    Isn't That SpecialApr 24, 2013 17:08:00 PM
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