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Ida Marie Solid Collins
Infinity/Circle of Life

Ida Marie "Solid" Collins is the host of Poetry in Motion, a group that's designed to highlight Hip Hop and R&B artists in Las Vegas. Their atmosphere is very quiet and quaint, she says. During the course of about a three-hour event, she says, you get to hear all sorts of performances, from rap to reggae. Solid says she's always amazed by the variety her event draws in. Here, she reads a poem titled "Infinity/Circle of Life."


"Infinity/Circle of Life"
Stormy thoughts of loneliness, sadness, and despair
There's something strange and different in the air
Electrical waves making us more aware
of our infinite existence
I sense an intense transformation
The pineal gland begins activation
there are vibrations and sensations
frustration and concentration
Listen to the wind
watch the sun rise and set
moon phases and changing seasons
Nature needs no excuses or reasons
Creative forces from within
reaching past the restrictions and sin
washing away the outer skin
peeling back to reveal all within
The circle completes
the cycle begins again
there is no END!
Infinite wisdom streams again and again
The maggots crawl to break down the programming from past lies
forcing us to look into each others eyes
to see the truths of life
in the mirror image
Each day of our lives becoming another page of INFINITY.........
Circle of Life
Mind open, eyes fixed, moving forward, conscious and quick
speaking truths and seeking life
sunny days and dark dreamy nights
souls reaching out to connect with the source
being pulled magnetically by an invisible force
unable to resist the subliminal control
we slowly release the pain in our souls
Listen, observe, focus, and learn
to hear the answer for which your soul does yearn
evolving, revolving,
resolving, and absolving
transitioning, repositioning,
constantly listening
for instructions, life lessons,
constant blessings
now the next thing
no ENDING.....Only a new Beginning


Other poets: Harry Fagel | Kari O'Connor | Keith Brantley
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