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Local real estate market: It helps to carry a gun

So says the pistol-toting host of the new real estate reality TV show, "Flipping Vegas."

The show is “very Vegas,” says Yancey, describing Flipping Vegas (Saturdays at noon) as the “PG-13 of reality home shows.” His friends said he needed his own show after hearing his tales of entering homes, gun in hand, to check on his properties. “This is the Wild West, and I’m the cowboy. I think this show does kind of show that,” he says. “It truly shows the adventure and the reality of the ups and downs. Some things, I admit, I cringe and think, ‘Oh, my mom’s going to see that.’ But you know, it’s real.” Yancey got involved in flipping after business in land development slowed down. He was with his wife in a coffee shop where he overheard someone talking about real estate prices, and realized “it was like shooting fish in a barrel.”

As a longtime journalist in Southern Nevada, native Las Vegan Andrew Kiraly has served as a reporter covering topics as diverse as health, sports, politics, the gaming industry and conservation. He joined Desert Companion in 2010, where he has helped steward the magazine to become a vibrant monthly publication that has won numerous honors for its journalism, photography and design, including several Maggie Awards.