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The rising Latino voice

With the Nevada Legislature having punted redistricting to the courts, Nevada Latinos wait to see whether that means newfound political clout. From the New York Times:

But that simple goal is turning out to be anything but. The efforts are complicated by the many different ways people interpret laws governing redistricting. Politicians are also using the redistricting battles to advance their own agendas — ones that often have nothing to do with the Latino population. Now, Nevada’s new Congressional map is in the hands of a judge, who on Tuesday announced plans to appoint a panel of special masters to tackle the matter, after party leaders here clashed over vexing questions. How many of the residents of a new district should be Latino? What will it all mean for Democratic candidates? For Republican candidates? For the ethnic makeup of the state’s other three Congressional districts? For individual incumbents?

As a longtime journalist in Southern Nevada, native Las Vegan Andrew Kiraly has served as a reporter covering topics as diverse as health, sports, politics, the gaming industry and conservation. He joined Desert Companion in 2010, where he has helped steward the magazine to become a vibrant monthly publication that has won numerous honors for its journalism, photography and design, including several Maggie Awards.