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Casino heists! Guns! 'Splosions!: The movie

Looks like the director of "Training Day" is set to take on the filming of "Storming Las Vegas":

You know Antoine Fuqua, right? He’s the guy who got a lot of attention for directing Training Day, and who keeps getting mentioned as the director of a possible Tupac Shakur biopic. Whether or not he will ever manage to get that Tupac production in front of the camera remains a mystery, but we do know about a new movie that he actually will make. Fuqua has been attached to helm Summit Entertainment’s new film Storming Las Vegas, which is an adaptation of a book about a real life casino robber named Jose Vigoa. Vigoa went on a crime spree during the 90s that lasted for 16 months and targeted some of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos.