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Despite my  public declaration against deviled eggs on restaurant menus, I openly admit that the humble chicken egg is a staple in my home cooking repertoire. Poached for breakfast, baked in a frittata for lunch, fried and draped over a burger for dinner — I'll take it any which way. And these days, all of those dishes start with a local product. 

No, I don't mean a carton of eggs from the nearest Alberstons. At Calico Creek Stables, minutes away from the 215 and West Charleston, ranch hand Taylor Warren hand picks freshly laid eggs for $5 a dozen. His free-range hens feed on a diet of multigrain pellets, supplemented with scraps from Warren's modest but sustainable garden.

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The difference is discernible. In a side-by-side comparison with organic free-range eggs from the supermarket, the yolks from the farm were less yellow and more orange—a clear indication that the birds are raised on an excellent diet. For any visitor to Red Rock Canyon, it's a worthwhile stop on the way back home.